Our Team

About Our Founder & Managing Director :-

Mrs. Sujatha Reddy Googolplex Academy, which is a dynamic organization under SR Group of Companies, committed to its objective of providing value adding educational initiatives and superior skills that support the schooling methods of the present era. Mrs. Sujatha Reddy, who is the founder of SR Group of Companies, established Googolplex Academy in Hyderabad in 2005 with the vision of making the organization the centre of excellence in building a brilliant generation ahead.

Being a teacher of Biology, she served the society for more than a decade. Her experiences made her to understand that any educational organization becomes the best not only because of its quality faculty, high standards of teaching or world class infrastructure but also because of the students' caliber. The students make the difference. This realization made her to make her mission to address the emerging needs of students in developing skills to acquire quality education and advanced research.

Her never ending thirst for knowledge made her to come up with new innovative methodologies in Abacus and Vedic Math. In 2005, she introduced her concepts initially in 5 schools in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. As the management of the schools could identify the tremendous improvement among the students in their academics, she could expand the wings of Googolplex Academy into more than 1500 schools across the country with Abacus & Vedic Math, Googolplex Speak English Programme, KYC (Know Your Child), Memory Power, Rubik's Cube, Calligraphy, Handwriting, Brain Matrix, Robotics, Mind Mapping, Smart Skills, Puzzle Mania and many more. The thought of providing all the faculties at one stop, made her begin Googolplex Academy under SR Group of Companies. Mrs. Reddy says, "Googolplex Academy has been dedicated and committed to making candidates skilled to acquire the quality education and we go beyond the limitations to make an impact among the candidates in inculcating their skills."

About Our Director - Administration:-

Mr. Janardhan Chidumalla, who is also into the governing team as the director of the company, gives priority in managing all operations within the country. Since the inception, he is one of the directors of Googolplex Academy under S.R. Group of companies. Mr. Janardhan, who is the guide and mentor of Googolplex Academy, takes care of day-to-day activities leaving no stone unturned with a great determination. He strives to provide the best with specific standards which helps the overall development of the Academy. Mr. janardhan makes sure that students of the present era do not believe only in text book learning approach but also holistic approach required to nurture their latest skills. His efforts in making the company unique with its features are extremely remarkable.

About Our Director - Sales & Marketing:-

Mr. Mahesh Hemnani, who is also into the governing team as the director of the company, takes care of skills based learning teams in India. Having over eight years of experience in Googolplex Academy, Mr. Mahesh envisioned a skilled revolution and committed himself to introduce the skill based products of Googolplex Academy to as many schools in India as possible to foster the potentiality of the young generation. Since his young age he showed great flair in maintaining quality by all aspects. For Mr. Mahesh, quality is the way of life. Under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Mahesh Hemnani, Googolplex Academy is reinforcing its position as an academy of eminence in India and beyond.