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Googolplex Academy, promoted and managed under SR Group of Companies, got founded in 2005 by Mrs. Sujatha Reddy with the establishment of its head office in Hyderabad. The Academy got started with Abacus in 5 schools in Hyderabad and with a unique vision to build a brilliant generation ahead.

As of today, locating the head office in Hyderabad, the academy serves more than 1500 schools across India providing a wide variety of career and skill oriented courses such as Abacus & Vedic Math, Googolplex Speak English Programme, KYC (Know Your Child), Calligraphy, Rubik’s cube and many more all over India to provide quality education. Googolplex Academy covers an extra mile to provide real-time experience to students, thereby enabling them to become highly potential.

Mrs. Sujatha Reddy

"I am still learning", reminds me that the thirst for knowledge never ends. I'm fired with a restless ambition that pushes me to do things much better, to set new benchmarks and to break new grounds. The thought of providing all the faculties at one stop, made me begin Googolplex Academy under SR Group of Companies. We go beyond the limitations and make an impact among the candidates in inculcating their skills

Director's Note:

Any educational organization becomes the best not only because of its quality faculty, high standards of teaching or world class infrastructure but also because of the students' caliber. The students make the difference. Googolplex Academy has been dedicated and committed to making candidates skilled to acquire the quality education.

Googolplex Speak English Programme

English has been described as "the language of opportunity". Although it comes second to Mandarin in the total number of speakers, English is the language you'll be able to use most widely, as it's spoken in more countries than any other language. That means that English is the language that will give you the best return for your efforts; after all, intellectual challenge aside, there's little point putting a huge amount of time and effort into learning a language that you'll hardly ever have the opportunity to use.

. The Googolplex Speak English Programme will help a child to master the art of communicating in English without having an in-depth knowledge in Grammar. The instructors will guide the students to develop their speaking skills in a relatively independent manner. This would foster Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening skills among the students, particularly who are coming from thoroughly non English speaking backgrounds.

This specially designed programme is for the students of standard 1 to 9. Keeping in mind the load of the board examinations, we have deliberately excluded standard 10 from this special curriculum.

The course:

Makes you more responsive
Develops your understanding ability
Improves your vocabulary
Improves the accuracy
Accelerates the flow of speaking
Overcomes the fear of language
Increases your confidence level
Surrounds yourselves with English
Makes you think in English
Makes you express your thoughts and emotions perfectly
Trains your ears to understand and speak bravely
Makes you face the public fearlessly


Well researched teaching methodologies
Authentic teaching materials
Innovative methodologies for Communication
Simple language and easy to comprehend
A thorough systematic way of learning English
Activity based classes
Inside and outside the classroom activities
Audio-Visual aided sessions
Aid for accent neutralization
Content designed to match with the age of the students